What philosophical ideals and values drove physical activity in ancient Greece? 3. In what ways do modern kinesiology and its subdisciplines trace their origins back to ancient Greece and its many influential thinkers? 4. How, and in what ways, was Greek sport closely associated with, or even inseparable from, religion? In what ways were the ancient Greek Olympics discriminatory? How were they meritocratic? 5. How has ancient Greece affected both the modern sporting world and our modern field of kinesiology? 6. What parallels exist between philosophical debates about physical activity in ancient Greece and those in contemporary society?

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    Answer and Explanation:Questioning ideas and engaging in the debate to pursue knowledge was shared in classical Greece, but they had to pay extraordinary prices for these freedoms. Ancient Greece's philosophical ideas were those of education, governance, and free thoughts.The modern kinesiology and its sub-disciplines trace their origins back to ancient Greece by the six branches of philosophy, which to produce a body of knowledge. That were questions influential thinkers pioneered asked. Sports in Greece is often used as a metaphor for religious striving. The four great games —the Olympian, the Pythian, the Isthmian, and the Nemean—were associated with the gods' worship. The Olympian  were held in honor of Zeus, (was the ruler of the sky) whose worship was centered on Mount Olympus and also the site of his marriage to Hera. There is a difference between modern-day sports and past sports. We play sports for many similar reasons. In modern days we play sports to show off abilities, gain fame and wealth. In the past, they sometimes ran to survive or for their work. Sports, over time, have become universal. A great deal over the centuries, but they still sustain in similar cores. Sports help to demonstrate man/ women's physical prowess. Sports show our connection to the past and similarity. If we cannot understand the past, we cannot understand the present. Games help us not only our present but our future too.

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What philosophical ideals and values drove physical activity in ancient Greece? 3. In what ways do m…

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